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Congratulations, 2022 Scholarship Winners!

A special "thank you" to all who participated in making this year's Past Masters Night a great success! The fellowship banquet was followed by the recognition of our Lodge's Masonic widows, along with a roll call and toast to our Past Masters. WB Dwight Day and Secretary Kerry Roen presented the Masonic awards and the scholarships, respectively. Guest speaker EPD Deputy Chief Brian Ness capped off the evening. We look forward to celebrating with everyone again next year!

The first Eveleth scholarship started in 1992 at $125.00 from our Lodge and the Minnesota Masonic Foundation having a matching funds program in place. This made one scholarship for $250.00. We continued giving one annually until 1997. In the years following, scholarship awards to high school students became a Lodge priority. We were successful in both increasing the number of recipients annually, and the scholarship dollar amount. In 2007, the newly formed Minnesota Masonic Charities was granting matching funds to encourage local lodges to support higher education in their communities. Today, they provide one million dollars annually towards scholarship grants. In late 2015, Virginia Lodge #264 merged with us, and we decided to start giving six scholarships totaling 500.00 each annually. In 2017, we accepted the challenge to fully maximize our giving power by using all the matching funds available by the Minnesota Masonic Charities. We are proud of the fact that even during the Covid virus; we still were able to meet our goals. In continuing with this tradition this year again, we are proud to be giving $6,000.00 in scholarship awards. Today, we have reached a milestone with this being our 30th consecutive year of giving, and our Lodge having awarded $69,600.00 to 108 scholarship recipients to date. I would like to introduce to you our 2022 recipients:

Back row: Terry Tilton, Carter Flannigan, Carter Orent, Will Bittman & Dwight Day

Front row: Keith Harvey, Elizabeth Sistad, Kaari Harsila, Abbie Sundich, Lauren Lautigar & Kerry Roen


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