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How to join

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To Be One, Ask One

To become a member of this ancient and honorable Fraternity, a man must apply of his own free will and accord and with an open heart. You must have two Master Masons vouch for your character and recommend you into our Craft. You also have to be a man, 18 years old or older, of good character, and believe in a God that promotes peace, love, and harmony towards all mankind.  These are some of the basic requirement for membership into our Fraternity.  


The Master of the Lodge will appoint a committee to visit the applicant prior to the Lodge balloting upon his petition. In Eveleth there is a onetime joining fee of $117.50 and annual dues are $45.00. 

Additional Organizations that Admit Masons
Affiliated Groups for Women, Girls, and Boys

Women's Groups

Order of the Eastern Star

Order of Amaranth

The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem

Girls' Groups

Job's Daughters

The Rainbow

Boys' Groups

The Order of DeMolay

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