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5th Annual KIDS ID Program at YMCA

Eveleth Masonic Lodge held their 5th Annual KIDS ID Program at the Mt. Iron YMCA building at the end of April. The KIDS ID program teaches parents and children about child safety with brochures. One is labeled 25 ways to make kids safer, and another contains Rules for Safety when going somewhere.

By the end of the day, forty-nine children were successfully processed into the program, which included collecting their photographs, fingerprints, voice identification, and a DNA sample. We would like to thank Sergeant Jonathan Benz of the Virginia Police, and Officer Chelsea Trucano of Gilbert Police, who are heads of their respective DARE programs. They brought with them all the fun items the kids were given at the DARE table.

We also want to thank local businesses- Target, Jon Krog Agency, and St. Luke’s- for their help in this program. We would like to thank Target for having store manager Adam Spiczka and two employees, Ronnie and Jen, who ran the computers all afternoon and brought the treats for the children. To Lana Brown of St. Luke’s for doing the cheek swabs and bringing gifts for the children, and to Holly Hejda from the Krog Agency for the lamination and packaging of the “amber alert ready packs”. Also thanks to Lodge members Adam Roen, Steve Turner, Dwight Day, and Kerry Roen who assisted in the process as well.

Please enjoy the pictures below from the Kids ID day!

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