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Pasties for PORCH

Our special bakes for the Peace United Methodist Church in Virginia, MN, provide free meals to the community on most Wednesday nights through the church's ”PORCH” program (People Offering Relationship, Community & Hope). Annually, the Lodge gives their cooks one night off. The Lodge made the pasties, served the meal, and then cleaned the church for them. Master Kardell then presented the Church with a check donation from the Lodge to help keep the program viable.

L-R: Lodge members Senior Deacon Robert Krog, Pasty Chairman Rick Sebunia, Worshipful Master Joel Kardell, Lodge Secretary Kerry Roen showing the baked pasties, and Junior Deacon Joe Stanaway ready to serve a meal

Left photo: a pasty smothered in gravy with coleslaw

Photo below: the cleanup afterwards. All Lodge members pictured with the exception of Rick Sebunia are members of Peace United Methodist Church in Virginia, MN.


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