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Lodge of Sorrow 2022

Worshipful Master Joel Kardell ordered Secretary Roen to do a roll call of the workmen of the

Lodge. After roll call, he noted that four Brothers from our Lodge have not answered to their

name. They have laid down their working tools of our ancient craft as they have been

summoned to the Celestial Lodge above. No longer do they labor among us, guided by the three

Great Lights of Masonry. Their days are now illuminated by the far greater light, which

someday we will all know. Secretary Roen then reported the following:

Lodge register # 687 John R. Ritter Died: 01-01-2022

E.A. 07-31-1957 F.C. 08-14-1957 M.M. 08-28-1957

John petitioned and joined Eveleth Lodge. Note he did a degree every two weeks. Living out of

state the past 40 years he was not an active member. John’s name was announced to receive 65-

year pin at our annual Past Masters Night in 2022.Only after sending John his pin did we find

out he had died. John was age 95 the 3rd oldest member of our Lodge when he died.

Lodge register # 932 Roy H. Soderberg Died: 06-10-2022

E.A. 05/15/1955 F.C. 10-21-1955 M.M. 11-12-1955

Roy petitioned and received his degrees at Vermilion Lodge # 197, joined Virginia Masonic

Lodge # 264 by merger, and then joined Eveleth Masonic Lodge by merger on 10/31/2015.

There is little history about him. Roy was age 95 years and nearly a 67-year member receiving

his 65-year pin in May of 2020.

Lodge register # 941 Daryl R. Lawrenc Died: 09-11-2021

E.A. 11/03/1994 F.C. 12-01-1994 M.M. 12-05-1994

Daryl petitioned Nashwauk Lodge #331 and having all 3 degrees in a month. He was a very

active member and was Worshipful Master there in 2005 and 2010. He joined as a dual member

at Mesaba Lodge # 255 and was active in their lineup. He joined Eveleth Lodge # 239 as a plural

member on 02/20/2017 and was an active and willing officer, helping in degree work across all

area lodges. He served as District # 4 Representative from 2013-2015. Daryl was a nearly 28-

year member having received his 25-year pin in 2019. A masonic funeral provided by his three Lodges at Peterson Funeral Home with PGM Terry Tilton officiating and with our SW Joel

Kardell assisting.

Lodge register # 682 William R. Kovala Died:10/04/20221

E.A. 03-27-1957 F.C. 06-05-1957 M.M. 06-18-1957

Bill petitioned and joined Eveleth Lodge. Living in Duluth the past 40 years he was not an active

member. Bill received his 60-year pin at our annual Past Masters Night in 2017. Bill was the 4th

oldest member of our Lodge when he died. He would have received his 65-year pin this year.


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