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Honoring our Past Masters

We would like to recognize our Past Masters for their years of service and dedication to our Lodge. The Service Awards for 2017 were presented to the following:

For 10 Years of Service: Joel Kardell

15 Years: Danny Brinker

25 Years: Franklin Bailey

35 Years: David LeVassuer, Jim Buotto, Cameron Jayson, and Matt Seppi

40 Years: William Keuhn, Edward Nevala, Terry Tilton, Dan Lamppa, Orvis Bjerklie, Robert Cohn, Glenn Hallin, and Victor Koivisto

55 Years: Alden Hendrickson and Thomas Williams

60 Years: William Kovala, John Ritter, and John Damberg

The Mason of the Year Award for 2017 was presented to Rev. Terry Tilton

This year's special Hiram Award will be presented to Steve Turner in August at our Backyard Brotherhood picnic.

An unexpected gift was also presented to Kerry Roen in the form of a decorative masonic apron for all of his hard work during our pasty bakes. Congratulations to all and please enjoy the slideshow of photos below:

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