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Celebrating our Scholarship Winners: Jonathan Day

Fun fact! In 1991, the first Eveleth scholarship was awarded at $125. With the matching funds from the Minnesota Masonic Foundation, this made for one scholarship worth $250. Over the years, this amount has increased to $500. In 2015, Virginia Lodge #264 merged with us. They had also been offering annual scholarships. In continuing with their tradition again this year, the Eveleth Lodge offered a total of six scholarships, not for $500 each, but for $1,000 each! To date, we have awarded $39,600 to 78 scholarship recipients, not including the Band Scholarships. Let's meet this year's winners!

This week we are featuring Jonathan Day. Jonathan is the son of Georgia and Dwight Day of Eveleth. While in high school, Jonathan was a member of the National Honor Society, Captain of the Knowledge Bowl, member of the marching band, concert band, and pep bands. He was on the hockey team and on the varsity football team where he served as Captain and was name all-district honorable mention his senior year. He was captain of the soccer team and captain of the track team where he was an all-conference and all-state participant. He is also a YMCA volunteer and a member of his church youth group.

Jonathan plans on attending the Iowa State University College of Engineering and will explore which of the 12 engineering majors will best fit his interests. Congratulations Jonathan! We wish you the best of luck in your future.

Left to Right: Jonathan Day, Madison Waldron, Sara Coldagelli, McKenzie Perushek, Kody Lindgren

Not pictured: Monique Arcella

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