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Splashing Water


Your safety is our first priority

We are committed to doing our part to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and have safety restrictions in place. If you have any questions, please contact us at (218) 744-4160. Lodge members: look for your postcard from Dwight as this will contain further updated information. Thank you!

Hand Writing


Spring 2021

The current edict is available for review. This latest information includes the resuming of degree work and the serving of meals before meetings. 

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Peak Your Curiosity

In case you missed it: W.B. Geoff Spence gave us a tour of the symbolic 15th Century Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, Scotland! The tour is over, but you can still learn all about it by visiting the official website here

Congratulations 2021 Scholarship Winners!

Our pictured recipients from Eveleth-Gilbert this year are:

(left to right) Magdalena Landwer, Cooper Grahek, Jacob Sickle, and Addison Johnson.


Their $1,000 certificates were presented to them at their high school. Congratulations on a job well down, and best of luck with your future plans! 


2021 Past Masters' Night Service Awards Announced

5 year- Nick Floistad

10 year- none

15 year- #847 Brian Haines, #848 Adam Roen, #849 Drew Roen, #954 Daniel Kerr

20 year- none

25 year- #838 Tim Kippola

30 year- none

35 year- #868 Marshall Bergerson

40 year- #880 Richard Fogelberg, #904 Mark Lundein

45 year- #785 Kerry Roen, #879 Thomas Kishel

50 year- #762 Paavo Kivisto, #938 Edward Vest, and Marvin Koski from last year

55 year- none

60 year- none

65 year- #673 John Bratt, #894 R. Marshall Johnson

70 year- #887 Daniel Hestetune

Mason of the Year- Nicolas Jordan

Hiram Award- Daniel Hestetune

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