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Updated: October 27, 2020

Attention: Due to COVID-19, dinner will no longer be served at the Lodge on meeting nights until further notice. 

Nov. 07, 2020                

Deer Season Opener

Nov. 16, 2020                

Stated Communication @ 6:30 pm (no dinner served) 
Election night

Nov. 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day

Dec. 04, 05, 2020
Mason- E-G Basketball Joint Pasty Bake


Dec. 21, 2020

Stated Communication @ 6:30 pm (no dinner served) 
Installation Night

Jan. 08, 09, 2021

Mason- Tumbler Joint Pasty Bake (tentative) 

Jan. 18, 2021

Stated Communication @ 6:30 pm

Jan 22, 23, 2021

Mason- Boy Scouts Joint Pasty Bake

We Stuffed the Ambulance!

'Tis the Season of Giving and one great way to make a child's Christmas memorable is by participating in Stuff the Ambulance! This year our Lodge donated 40 toys to the community fundraiser. Thank you to the Virginia Fire Department members who staked out in the cold to collect the toys! Pictured above: Members of the VFD with Drew Roen (center) and two of Santa's Little Helpers

Thank You, Pastor Mickey!

Lodge Secretary Kerry Roen presented a $250.00 check from the Eveleth Lodge to Pastor Mickey Olson of Peace United Methodist Church for feeding the community dinners. Thank you, Pastor Mickey, for all of your hard work and for your dedication to the community! Kerry and Pastor Mickey Above: Some of the people enjoying the Lodge sponsored dinner at PORCH at United in Peace Church, Virginia. 100 pasties were donated. Above: Dinner (pasties) with gravy, coleslaw, and pumpkin bars!

Flying the Flag High!

We have a new flag pole outside our Lodge! Swing by to see the colors flying high. Our members worked together to install the flag on Veterans Day, 2017. Thank you, Veterans... EVERY DAY!​ Kerry and Steve size up the flag project Kerry and Steve measure for drilling Kevin carefully installs flag rope through the pulleys Kevin, Steve, and John Burja with the newly installed flag pole Kevin installs hook snaps to hold flag Flag pole completed in 11/11/2017 on Veterans Day

Sharing Pasties

We're happy that our Lodge was able to donate about 3 dozen pasties from our last bake to our local Salvation Army. This was enough food to serve lunch through their program for 1 day! We wanted to share this with you so we could give you an idea of how important their program is to the community, as well as the number of people they need to serve daily. Pictured below (left to right): Claudia of the Salvation Army, Kerry of the Eveleth Masonic Lodge, and Pasties from the Lodge Kitchen

This publication is issued with the permission of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of Minnesota.
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This publication is issued with the permission of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of Minnesota.